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new LJ user name [Thursday
May 19th, 2005 at 10:28pm ]
[ mood | artistic ]

hei ppl i qot a new LJ _tatii  add me, i alreadii added everyOne else, so dO ur thinq, n e wayz if u want me tO delete u frOm diz LJ then tell me plz n i'll delete u, well n e wayz sOme ppl who knO me real qood will prObly keep me cuz dei kno hOw me n allan are n if we dO get bak imma start usinq diz LJ aqain... lOl well add me cuz diz funna be my lazt entry fOr now i guezz....

littO update! [Tuesday
May 10th, 2005 at 3:03pm ]
[ mood | amused ]

hay wutz up? im chillin uzt finished cleanin my room! it lookz so nice n it smells so fukin good :) i love havin my shit nice, clean and organized! n i haven't have time for dat shit since i havent been home for more than an 1 house lately n i have a puppy who peez n shitz all over da place! lol.

n e wayz im listinin to diz reggaeton miz c.d! damn i love dat sonq from don dinero! i 4got da name but it goez ...ay amores, ay amores que matan, y ay amores que lleren tan duro que la herida nunca sana, nunca sana!..... i love dat song itz so good!

well yesturdaii i had a really good dai. i woke up round 11:00 a.m n had rosemary come pik me up n take me to da gynecologyst, i had a check up n for some weird reason they told me to go bak on thursday! i been feelin really bad lately! so all i kan do now is wait! then me n rosemary went to eat at papa rudi, a boricua/ kuban restuarant! well it was good! then we went to rosemary's cuzn house n since itz round allan's house, rosemary was feelin bad she alreadii got 3 monthz! lol so then i went walkin to allan'z house n ronald wuz there, we were chillin n i did my boo'z eyebrows! he only trusts me wit em! lol so i decided to do ronalds shit too! well then we were uzt talkin shit n my booboo wuz gettin jealous! lol but i had a lil talk w/ him n told him dat i love him n shit so he got over it. then his mom came n i gave her, her mother's dai present n she loves it! then she went n bought BK for me, allan n ronald. after we were uzt chillin n his mom wanted to go to her other sons house so my boo told his cuzn dat he wuz funna go drop me off home, so his cuzn left n me n my boo stayed there all huggy huggy n kissy kissy! lol then we got readii n left wit my booboo's mom to her other son'z house! deir a trip! lmao, eddie ( my boo'z half brother), eduardo ( my boo's stepdaddy) n mirella ( eddie'z grandma) were there n my boo's unkle paul who he hasnt seen in da longest! their all kubans. lol so yeah they wuz drunk n we were laughin our asses off! then my boo's stepdad gave him some money n told him he was funna get him a car! yeah after alele came to pik me up n we went to zuly's house so they can meet wit flaka. so after alele dropped me off home, i talked to my boo on da fone for a lil n to my friendz n went to bed!

todaii i talked to my booboo, his at work n imma get readii to go wit my mom n dad to la ermita de la caridad! finally! i promised her i was gonna go a long time ago! so yeah imma go now! so imma go shower n get readii! i'll update more when i get bak, if i have tym! n i'll comment on everyone'z journalz!

i love allan for eva!


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